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News :

"New EP by You Are Number Six coming soon on Slynt!"

Artists :

You Are Number Six


Gliese & Kepler

St & The Self Tribute Band

Releases :

SR01 / You Are Number Six - Conversation
SR02 / Kapitals - Paris is Burning
SR03 / Heclysma - Where We Star
SR04 / You Are Number Six - Hors-Serie
SR05 / You Are Number Six - Lensflares
SR06 / You Are Number Six - Summer Ends
SR07 / You Are Number Six - Don't You Like My New Lipstick?

About Us :

Slynt is led by two music lovers, and is located in both south of france and London UK


French musician & songwriter
(aka You Are Number Six)

- Founder of Slynt Records
- Label Manager

Lives in Montpellier, FRANCE



French music-lover & photographer
(@LucieHickey on twitter)

- Founder of Serotonin(e)
- Public Relations / Photos

Lives in London, UK


GEARS : Adobe Photoshop, FL Studio, Maximus, ears, paper, ink.